• PRS-D2000SPL   -   Competition Class SPL Class-D Amplifier (4000W)
  • PRS-D2000SPL   -   Competition Class SPL Class-D Amplifier (4000W)
  • PRS-D2000SPL   -   Competition Class SPL Class-D Amplifier (4000W)

PRS-D2000SPL - Competition Class SPL Class-D Amplifier (4000W)

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PRS-D2000SPL Competition Class SPL Class-D Amplifier (4000W)



Trusted for maximum, stable and reliable power.

Designed to match our first-class SPL subwoofers, our SPL Champion Edition amps continuously break world records, pushing beyond the 180dB barrier.

They manage to do this by incorporating the very best in audio technology, to give you rock-solid, reliable power.

The D2000 delivers 1 x 4000W at 1Ω, 1 x 3000W at 2Ω and 1 x 1500W at 4Ω. 

The D2000 includes an Independent Rail Regulating Power (IRRP) supply. This power supply structure regulates the positive and negative rail voltages separately, whereas most amplifiers regulate the positive rail alone. 

The negative rail could destabilise during a crucial SPL moment, resulting in overall loss of performance; the IRRP boosts strength, so you can rely on the power when you need it most.

The D2000 also includes a protective circuitry (DAP: Dynamic Amplifier Protection) that adapts to the output signal level. As a result, the protection level matches the operating condition of the moment. Again, DAP gives you extra reliability, even at higher output. 

Highly efficient Class-D technology is part of the amplifier construction, as well. That means less current for less heat, with no distortion, so that your sound always stays pure, crisp and clear.


Main FeaturesPRS-D2000SPL
Maximum Output Power 1 x 4000W (1Ω), 1 x 3000W (2Ω), 1 x 1500W (4Ω)
Continuous power output (RMS)
• 1 x 2000W (50Hz/1Ω ≤ 1%THD) 
• 1 x 1500W (50Hz/2Ω ≤ 1%THD) 
• 1 x 750W (20Hz - 240Hz/4Ω ≤ 1%THD)
Load impedance capability 1 - 8Ω
Frequency response 10 - 240 Hz
Distortion < 0.3 %
S/N ratio > 85 dB
Bass Boost 40 - 120Hz
0, 6, 9, 12 dB via remote control
LPF 40 - 240Hz (-24dB/Oct)
Subsonic Filter (HPF) 20Hz (-24dB/Oct)
MOSFET output section Yes
Sync Control Yes
RCA terminals Yes (input/output)
Speaker Terminals Block-type
High Voltage Input 200mV - 6.5 V
Input level control 400 mV - 6.5 V
High performance balanced isolator circuit Yes
Max. current consumption (A/4Ω) 67A
Chassis size (W x H x D) 586 x 65 x 282 mm
Unit weight 9.1 kg