• AVIC-F260-2



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Navigation add-on for AVH CAR AV Receivers

Add Navigation to your AV car stereo.

Get the most out of your navigation system by hooking the AVIC-F260-2 on to your AVH-system. The device has an integrated TMC receiver and uses an SD card to read navigation data.




TMC Traffic Info Receiver
TMC Traffic Info Receiverstay informed on traffic and travel information delivered directly to your navigation system
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Navigation Features

Navigation Coverage 46 European countries, 5.8 million kilometres of road:
Albania, Andorra, Austria
Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria
Croatia, Czech Republic
Finland, France
Germany, Gibraltar, Greece
Iceland, Ireland, Italy
Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg
Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro
Netherlands, Norway
Poland, Portugal
Romania, Russia
San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
Ukraine, United Kingdom (incl. Northern Ireland)
Vatican City
Map Type HERE on SD card
Voice Guidance Languages 28 languages, 41 voices:
English UK (2 rec. voices + 1 TTS)
Bulgarian (1 voice)
Catalan (1 voice)
Croatian (1 voice)
Czech (1 voice)
Danish (1 voice)
Dutch (& Flemish) (3 voices)
Estonian (1 voice)
Finnish (1 voice)
French (2 voices + 1 TTS)
German (2 voices + 1 TTS)
Greek (1 voice)
Hungarian (2 voices)
Italian (2 rec. voices + 1 TTS)
Latvian (1 voice)
Lithuanian (1 voice)
Norwegian (2 voices)
Polish (2 voices)
Portuguese (2 voices)
Romanian (1 voice)
Russian (2 voices)
Serbian (1 voice)
Slovak (1 voice)
Slovenian (1 voice)
Spanish (2 voices + 1 TTS)
Swedish (1 voice)
Turkish (2 voices)
Ukrainian (1 voice)
Points of Interest (POI) 10.9 million
TMC Traffic Info Receiver Yes

Main Features

Installation Type Hide-away
Compatible with 2010/2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016 EU
AVH models (with RGB input)
Simultaneous Navigation and AV Entertainment
Power Supply 12V
Navigation Menu Languages 28 languages:
English (UK)
Catalan, Croatian, Czech
Danish, Dutch
Finnish, Flemish, French
German, Greek
Latvian, Lithuanian
Polish, Portuguese
Romanian, Russian
Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish
USB Input