• TS-300S4



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30cm Champion Series Subwoofer (1400 W) 4 Ohm Single Voice Coil

More bass. More power.

Pioneer Champion Series subwoofers are strong, tough and can handle high power at high volume levels without compromising sound quality.


With Dual Spiders and Motor Assembly as the driving force, they can produce deep dynamic sounds, that is true to the Champion Series name. These models also have a unique Pioneer Dust Protection design, to prevent dust from interfering and compromising the subwoofer performance and reliability. Pioneer Champion Series subwoofers ensure accurate, deep punchy and rhythmical bass by using advanced technologies, such as a Pioneer patented IMPP composite cone material, a rigid 3D-shaped cone design and large double stacked magnets.


When powered by Pioneer's GM-A Series of amplifiers, the Pioneer Champion Series subwoofers are able to deliver really powerful, rich, high quality bass, no matter what volume level.


Upgrade your sound with the Pioneer TS-300S4. This 4 Ohm single voice coil 30cm subwoofer delivers 1400 W Maximum power and 400 W Nominal power. It can be used both in an enclosure or free air use.


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Full specifications

Main Features

Size 30 cm
Maximum power 1400 W
Nominal input power 400 W
Sensitivity 93 dB
Impedance 4 Ω
Mounting Depth 147 mm
Cut-out Hole 281 mm
Woofer material IMPP
Voice Coil type Copper Round Wire 4-Layer
Voice Coil bobbin type Polyimide
Lowest resonance frequency 27 Hz
Magnets Ferrite (double)
Weight 4.4 kg
Recom. Enclosure [l] 35.38 (24.1 litres to 49.5 litres)
Recom. Enclosure [ft3] 1.25