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2-Channel (Front & Rear) Dash Camera, Full HD, 27.5 fps. 160° Wide Viewing Angle. High Sensitivity utilising a SONY "STARVIS" sensor, front and rear. Also features GPS, Wi-Fi, Night Time Mode, Parking Mode, 24/7 Security Mode (Hard Wire Kit included in the box), and includes a 16 GB microSD Card.

Your Third Eye On The Road.

Install a Pioneer Dash Camera for peace of mind by protecting you from fraudulent insurance claims by being able to use the recorded footage in the event of an incident, giving you the ability to identify who is at fault quickly and easily. In some countries installing a Dash Camera can even reduce your insurance* premium.


Pioneer's VREC-DZ700DC is a 2-Channel Full HD high-performance Dash Camera consisting of a front camera with a 2" LCD screen that mounts directly to the inside of the front windscreen, and a compact rear view camera that mounts to the inside of the rear window. The front camera has a Wide Viewing Angle of 160°, allowing you to capture data that other cameras cannot.


Another useful feature is Pioneer's Night Time Mode. The VREC-DZ700DC records with High Sensitivity, (WDR front camera, WDR & HDR rear camera), and utilises a SONY "STARVIS" sensor for both the front and rear camera, constantly adjusting the image quality to record the best image possible, even at night.


Worry no more about coming back to a parked vehicle with damage, not knowing what happened. Pioneer's VREC-DZ700DC includes Pioneer's Parking Mode feature, a feature which keeps watch whilst you’re away. Parking Mode allows event recording even when parked up to give you front and rear protection when your vehicle is out of sight. If the Dash Camera battery ever runs out, thanks to the included Hard Wire Kit, the VREC-DZ700DC also offers Pioneer's unique 24/7 Security Mode feature meaning you can have constant 24/7, 365 days a year protection should the vehicle detect movement, thanks to the permanent power / hard wire connection.


The VREC-DZ700DC also includes GPS and Built-in Wi-Fi, designed so you can connect your smartphone via the exclusive Pioneer "Dash Camera Interface" app. Check recorded videos or set up the Dash Camera on the screen of a compatible iPhone or Android™ smartphone.


The VREC-DZ700DC includes a 16 GB microSD Card.


*Country Specific. Please check with your local insurance company.





2-Channel Dash Cam
2-Channel Dash CamFront and rear Dash Camera package, recording both the front and rear.
Full HD
Full HDIn addition to installing a CMOS sensor that realises high sensitivity, this product records in Full HD (1920 x 1080p) with about 2 million pixels of high resolution so you can record clear high-quality characters such as a license plate, in the day or night.
160° Wide Viewing Angle
160° Wide Viewing AngleRecord larger amounts of information with less blind spots, such as a motorcycle passing from the left or right or a pedestrian or bicycle jumping out.
Night Time Mode
Night Time ModeWhen driving on roads or in tunnels, the license plate and surrounding conditions are clearly recorded. By adopting the SONY CMOS sensor "STARVIS ™" this product is suitable for night time driving.
SONY "STARVIS" Sensor (Front and Rear)
SONY "STARVIS" Sensor (Front and Rear)A SONY CMOS sensor "STARVIS™*" is used giving you detailed image and video capture, especially at night.*Front and Rear camera on Pioneer VREC-DZ700DC.
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)Enhances the light and dark dynamic range and corrects the images, compensating for "overexposure" and "underexposure" that occurs when the brightness changes suddenly, such as at night, or when entering or exiting a tunnel.
High Dynamic Range (HDR - Rear Camera)
High Dynamic Range (HDR - Rear Camera)Enhances the light and dark dynamic range and corrects the images, compensating for "overexposure" and "underexposure" that occurs when the brightness changes suddenly, such as at night, or when entering or exiting a tunnel.
Parking Mode
Parking ModePeace of mind that your vehicle is watched whilst you are away. When the vehicle is parked, after detecting movement caused by vibration it will automatically record an event for a fixed period of time utilising the internal built-in battery. 
24/7 Security Mode
24/7 Security ModeAdditional to Parking Mode, 24/7 Security Mode* will automatically start to record when an impact is detected, after the Dash Camera internal battery goes empty, allowing you to monitor your vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year. *Security Mode requires a direct connection to the vehicles power supply using Pioneer's Hard Wire Kit. 
GPSAccurately record important information such as your current position, vehicle speed, direction of travel and time.
Wi-FiBuilt-in Wi-Fi to connect your smartphone via an exclusive Pioneer Dash Camera app*'. Check recorded videos or set up the Dash Camera on the screen of a compatible iPhone or Android™ smartphone.* Compatible smartphone required. App availability is depending on your country.
Audio / Video Output
Audio / Video OutputIncludes a power supply and AV cable that can be connected to a monitor such as a car multimedia system to check the image of the drive recorder on a larger screen.
Included MicroSD Card
Included MicroSD CardPioneer includes a 16 GB microSD Card in this product. 
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Full specifications

Main Features

2-Channel Dash Cam
Full HD
160° Wide Viewing Angle
Night Time Mode
SONY "STARVIS" Sensor (Front and Rear)
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
High Dynamic Range (HDR - Rear Camera)
Parking Mode
24/7 Security Mode
Audio / Video Output
Included MicroSD Card
Image Quality Front: Full HD (1920 x 1080p)
Rear: Full HD (1920 x 1080p)
Viewing Angle Front Camera: Horizontal 130°, Vertical 68°, Diagonal 160°
Rear Camera: Horizontal 112°, Vertical 58°, Diagonal 137°
Sensor Front Camera: SONY "STARVIS"
Rear Camera: SONY "STARVIS"
F-Value Front Camera: F2.0
Rear Camera: F1.9
Frame Rate (fps) Front Camera: 27.5 fps
Rear Camera: 30 fps
Image Correction Front Camera: WDR
Rear Camera: WDR & HDR
Camera Type Front and Rear
Camera Swivel Mechanism
Polarised Filter Optional Polarised filter [Model Number TBC] sold separately
Rear Camera Included
Screen 2" Full Colour LCD
Smartphone App Pioneer "Dash Camera Interface" app
G Sensor
Sound Recording On / Off
Recording Modes Continuous / Event / Manual / Parking
Continuous Recording Time 1 minute / 3 minutes / 5 minutes
Event Recording Times First 20 seconds, last 20 seconds
Manual Recording Times First 20 seconds, last 20 seconds
Parking Mode Recording Times First 20 seconds, last 20 seconds
Parking Surveillance Recording: Built-in Battery Up to 40 minutes
Parking Surveillance Recording: 24/7 Security Mode 24/7, 365 days per year
Video Recording Format MP4 (H.264, MP3)
Still Image Capture
Still Image Format JPEG
Date and Time Setting
Loop Video Recording
Automatically Start Recording
MicroSD Card Included 16 GB
MicroSD Card Capacity 16 GB to 128 GB
MicroSD Card Compatibility MicroSDXC / microSDHC memory card class 10
MicroSD Card Format Warning
Built-in Battery
Battery Full Charge Time Approximately 4 hours
Built-in Battery Capacity 750mAh
Power Consumption Approximately 5 W (Approximately 8.5 W when charging)
Power Supply Voltage 12 V / 24 V DC
Power Connection Type Hard wire power cable
Power Cable Length 5 m
Rear Camera Cable Length 9 m
Allowable Installation Angle 30° to 60°
Operating Temperature -10° to +60°
Dimensions (W x H x D) Front Camera: 108.5 mm x 77.4 mm x 40.5 mm
Rear Camera: 63.2 mm x 37.1 mm x 31.6 mm
Weight Front Camera: 138g (Excluding installation brackets, etc.)
Rear Camera: 35g
Graphic User Interface (GUI) Languages English UK / French / German / Spanish / Russian
Accessories (Sold Separately) Polarised filter [Model Number TBC]
What's In The Box Front Camera / Rear Camera / Mounting Bracket / Hard Wire Power Cable / AV Cable / Rear Camera Connection Cable / MicroSD card / Quick Start Guide / Warranty Document / Cleaning Wipe