• CA-IW.201S



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iPod/iPhone 4/4S to USB Connection Cable

This cable can be used in conjunction with AppRadio Mode, allowing you to control an ever-growing number of iPhone 4/4S apps directly from the touchscreen.

You can also use this cable to watch movies from your iPod or iPhone 4/4S. Both video and audio are supported.


Works with iPod / iPhone
Works with iPod / iPhoneWith iPod and iPhone Direct Control, you can manage your i-device directly from your car dashboard and enjoy superior sound.
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Apple Compatibility

Works with iPhone
Compatible Generations iPhone 4/4S
Supported Functions • AppRadio Mode
• Battery Charging
• List Browsing
• Music playback (track up/down, fast forward, rewind, pause, repeat and shuffle)
• Video playback with digital and/or analogue audio
Works with iPod

Main Features

Other • 0.5m USB cable
• 2m RGB cable