• GM-D9704



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4-Channel 1600W Class-FD Car Amp.

Compact 4 Channel Power

An amplifier shouldn’t take up too much space, especially in your car. This Class-D amps might just be what you’re looking for. It combines a 1-Ohm stable circuit, installation flexibility and a superior high-power output.


Speaker line input sensor
Speaker line input sensorconnect your existing OEM unit without the hassle of add-on adapters
Variable LPF
Variable LPFadjust your low-pass filter frequency for greater audio system flexibility
Variable HPF
Variable HPFadjust your high-pass filter frequency for greater audio system flexibility
Multi-block Terminal
Multi-block Terminalsmoothly connect up to 4 subs for high-power audio output
D-classenjoy first class sound and powerful volume on a versatile system at half the size of other units
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Main Features

Variable LPF
Channel(s) 4 / 2 / 1
RCA terminals yes
Speaker Terminals Block-type
LPF yes
HPF yes
Maximum power 4 x 260W (4Ω)
4 x 400W (2Ω)
1600W Total
Continuous power output 4 x 130W RMS (4Ω)
4 x 200W RMS (2Ω)
4 x 130W RMS (1Ω)
2 x 400W RMS (4Ω bridged)
2 x 260W RMS (2Ω bridged)
Frequency response 10 Hz - 50 Hz
Input level control RCA (0.2V - 6.5V)
SP (0.8V - 16V)
Distortion < 0.05 %
S/N ratio > 95 dB
Chassis size (W x H x D) 252 x 60 x 215 mm
Crossover Frequency 40 - 500Hz (-12 dB/oct) Hz


Variable HPF


Multi-block Terminal